On Sky Metalwala’s 5th birthday, his father pleads with parents to take steps to protect kids

Sky Metalwala when he was last seen on the left. An age progressed photo on the right.

BELLEVUE -- Today, September 2nd, is Sky Metalwala’s 5th birthday.

Metalwala went missing in 2011 at just two years old and has not been seen since. His mother told officers she left him in the car when she ran out of gas. When she came back from the gas station, she says he was gone.

“The pain is there every day,” says Solomon Metalwala, Sky’s father.

Bellevue Police say the case is still open and active. They’ve received more than 2,500 tips over the years but only two tips in the last year.

Solomon is encouraging all parents to down the FBI Child ID app. It’s a simple too that can make all the difference in the event your child goes missing. Take a few minutes today to download the free app and fill it out.

The first 24 hours is key to finding a missing child.

“It gives authorities precise details that can ensure we get the child back to the parent quickly as possible,” says Ayn Dietrich with the FBI.

All the information stays on the phone and you can have a password on the app to keep all the information locked and safe. The app is available here.

If you have any information that could help in the Sky Metalwala case, call Bellevue Police.

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