One tweet by one mom launched a worldwide hunt for one job for one son

LIVERPOOL, England --  One tweet from a concerned mom has turned into a worldwide effort to find one 26-year-old man with Down Syndrome a job.

Fiona Hodge sent the tweet late Friday.

Her step-son, Ben Small, has had no trouble finding and keeping jobs in the past.  But apparently he has had real trouble finding a fulltime job and that's what lead to this tweet.

Lucky for Fiona and for Ben that single tweet caught the attention of comedian Boothby Graffoe who has ore than 25-thousand followers on Twitter.

He tweeted this.

The hashtag #FindBenAJob was born.

That single tweet landed Ben on the front page of his local newspaper.

Then one of London's largest tabloids, The Daily Mail, picked up the story.  Buzzfeed in the U.S. followed suit.

The family told Buzzfeed they never expected all this attention, but the results are very promising.

Fiona told BuzzFeed News that there are currently “lots of possibilities”: the most promising are “Wilson’s Kitchen, a family business in Derby Lane, Costa in the Liverpool Royal Hospital and a school for autism in Huyton”. She adds that “a few CVs were sent off” last night, too.