Open enrollment underway for health care coverage including Medicare

November 1st was the first day to sign up for healthcare coverage on the individual market, and open enrollment is also underway for Medicare health plans and many employer-sponsored plans.

Experts say there are some things to consider when selecting a health plan:

First, what services do you expect you are going to need in the coming year?

Are you changing prescriptions or planning for an elective surgery? Make sure the things you already use are covered in your network. 

Next, what is your budget?  With a lot of plans to choose from, be sure to consider premiums and deductibles as that can change annually.

If you travel often, you may want to consider a PPO so you can get care away from home. 

And finally, what additional support will you need? Specifically with Medicare, maybe you will need meals delivered or transportation.

“I encourage you to shop around because there is a variety of plans that can meet your unique needs," said Kathleen Faulk, general manager for government programs at Regence BlueShield.

You have until December 15th to pick a healthcare plan on the individual market. And for Medicare, you have until December 7th for coverage effective January 1st of 2021.