Oregon woman with bearded dragons forced to find homes for her pets

Salem, OR (KPTV) -- The Salem woman who saved a drowning bearded dragon, by performing CPR, got a lot of attention.

Sherrie Dolezal Baldwin's story went viral back in August, but all that attention, may have been a bad thing for her.

Currently, Baldwin has 23 bearded dragons in a room of her mobile home. Now, she need to find a home for all those reptiles, before next week or else Baldwin says she's going to have to put them down.

Baldwin got a letter last week from her landlord, which said she had until Oct. 25 to fix problems with her mobile home space.

One of those things she needed to do is get rid of all her bearded dragons.

Baldwin is now trying to find the reptiles, she considers her kids, new homes so they don't have to be euthanized.

The landlord at the Sunset Village Mobile Home Park had no comment when we contacted them on Wednesday.

However; Baldwin said they told her the lease didn't allow for the reptiles. They also asked her to quit running her business from her home, but Baldwin said she's taking care of these rescued reptiles, and isn't making any money off the lizards.

To make things worse, all of her reptiles are being treated for a parasite common to some reptiles, which can spread to humans, and in some cases can affect those with weak immune systems.

Baldwin believes, the attention she got after rescuing one of her dragons landed her in hot water with her mobile home park.

"I'm trying to do what they asked me to do, all I want is to not have my babies be put to sleep, that's all I'm asking," said Baldwin.

"Each one of these kids are like a special lizard to me. These are like my children I already raised kids, grand kids and great so I want to change from having more children and I got these guys," added Baldwin.

Two of the lizards will be adopted on Wednesday.

However, Baldwin said she's hoping to keep eight of the original she had, and that the rest will find good homes.

If you're interested in adopting one of the bearded dragons, you can call Baldwin at 503-364-3584