Orting man arrested for allegedly shooting at deputy, fleeing in van

Pierce County deputies arrested a man suspected of shooting at a patrol sergeant during a traffic stop late Monday night.

According to the sheriff's office, the sergeant was on patrol in Graham at 10:44 p.m., near Meridian Ave and 196th St Ct. Authorities say a van sped past heading southbound, so the sergeant turned around and followed, watching as the car reportedly sped through a red light at 204th St.

The sergeant followed and switched on his police lights when the car turned west onto 224th St.

The van pulled into a driveway, then turned around and went toward the sergeant's car. As it passed by, the driver—a 28-year-old man—allegedly shot at the sergeant through his window with a handgun. The sergeant was not hit by the gunfire.

Authorities say the van sped off, now heading eastbound on 224th St. The sergeant followed, and the chase went down 224th, up 146th Ave, then ended at Jansky Rd when the van went off-road and tumbled 50 feet down a steep ravine.

A drone operator sent a drone to get a better view of where the suspect's van landed, as authorities believed he would present a danger to rescuers. The drone could not get a good view through the brush, so a SWAT Team and Search & Rescue Team were sent down to investigate.

They found the van, but no one was inside. Law enforcement recovered a ghost gun and a bullet casing.

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The sheriff's office said on Tuesday they learned the suspect lived in Orting, so a team of deputies surrounded a trailer on the suspect's property and ordered him to come out. The 28-year-old suspect surrendered and was taken into custody.

The man is currently being treated for injuries from the van crash, and then will be booked into jail for first-degree assault and eluding police. Authorities say the prosecutor's office is working to determine official charges, which they say may be upgraded to attempted murder.