Overlake Medical Center's Angel Eye allows parents to see, talk to their babies in the NICU

BELLEVUE, Wash. --  Parents of newborns in the NICU at Overlake Medical Center can now see and talk to their babies anytime from anywhere in the world, thanks to new technology that's called the Angel Eye.

It’s a camera system and Overlake Hospital says they are the only facility on the West Coast to provide this kind of technology to every family in their NICU.

New mom Ashley Pose says she loves to log in and keep an eye on her twin baby boys.

“I know the staff here is amazing and they are always watching them 24/7 and that makes me feel better. And then just being able to log in and see them kind of hanging out makes me feel better,” says Pose.

Security is priority and hospital officials say family members get their own secure log-ins and credentials.

“It’s actually based off the Amazon web services through the vendor Angel Eye. They host a cloud and it’s all secure encryption from our network to theirs so the hackability is slim,” says computer analyst Sarah Metroka.

For Ashley, just knowing she can see her babies and talk or sing to them anytime she wants is a real comfort.