Pam Roach hurls profanity at board chairman, who is her son

TACOMA, Wash. -- A county board meeting in Washington state became overly heated when a member hurled a profanity at the panel's vice chairman, who happens to be her son.

The Tacoma News Tribune reports that Pierce County Councilwoman Pam Roach directed the expletive at Dan Roach as he sought to limit an increasingly heated argument among members during an Oct. 5 budget discussion.

Pam Roach then abruptly left the meeting.

She is a former Washington state senator, a longtime Republican official and Dan Roach's mother.

He couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

His mother said in a statement that she "got very passionate" and regretted using "harsh words" in the public forum.

She also said she loves her son, a fellow Republican, though they sometimes have political disagreements.