Panel issues recommendations for Seattle Police Department's protest response

The Seattle Office of Inspector General announced Thursday a set of recommendations for the Seattle Police Department after last summer's protests.

Altogether, there are 54 recommendations in five main areas:

  • Acknowledging the legitimacy of the community
  • Communicating with the people in them
  • Changing officers' mindset when it comes to protest response
  • Improving tactics in crowd events
  • Improving officers' own wellness when handling hostile environments

Seattle police officers conduct crowd-control at a Seattle (Capitol Hill), WA in June 2020. 

"OIG was committed to creating a systemic review of the 2020 protests that was community-centered. The result was community members and stakeholders working alongside OIG to implement a review process with a focus on peace and reconciliation," said Inspector General Lisa Judge. "Digging deeply into what occurred, honestly acknowledging harm and trauma, and truly engaging in critical self-analysis is the only way to emerge with sufficient understanding to change what we at the City do in ways that are responsive to community. Through this process of analysis, understanding, and growth—not just in the area of tactics but also around culture and philosophy—we can come together to ensure safe, free expression of speech, and just actions by the police who serve our community."

This Wave 1 report focuses on protests from May 29 - June 1, 2020 in Seattle. Additional reports will be released later this year.

The Seattle city council public safety and human services committee is supposed to hear more on Tuesday.

Read the full report below:

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