Parents react to racist and hateful words spread during Glacier Peak High School assembly

SNOHOMISH, Wash. - Hateful and violent words spread fast through a Snohomish County school during an assembly Thursday, officials say.

Snohomish County District officials say early Thursday morning, during an assembly at Glacier Peak High School, students began receiving notices of available hotspot network names. The network names contained highly offensive, discriminatory, divisive, inappropriate and, racist, officials said.

“It was really sad. They were targeting people of color, people that are Jewish, gay, everything; there were swastikas, horrible comments, use of the n-word ... Anyone that can be marginalized, they did,” said Michelle Renschler, a parent of three Glacier Peak High School Students.

Renschler was joined by several other parents in front of Glacier Peak High School. They say this incident is disturbing, but unfortunately, they say it is not surprising to them anymore.

“Am I scared? Yeah,” said Ana Loera Foy. “I’m always worried. When you’re a parent you always worry, but when you’re a parent of a kid of color, you worry more,” she added.

Isaac Ellison is a junior at Glacier Peak High School. He says he’s dealt with racism in school before, but this incident crosses a line.

“I don’t know who in their right mind would think that’s funny to say in front of the whole school,” he said.

Snohomish School District officials were not available to speak on camera, but over the phone they said this incident is unacceptable.

“We will not tolerate people making threats, this kind of language disruption, and insensitivity in our schools and classrooms,” said Kristin Foley with Snohomish School District.

In an email to parents, district officials say two students involved have been identified and disciplined according to district policy.

Snohomish County Sheriff are investigating this incident. They say it’s too early to say what possible crimes may be associated with this incident.