Parents, students confront Seattle school leaders over sexual assault case

SEATTLE -- Parents and students are criticizing how Seattle Public Schools handled a sexual assault case involving a student.

The demonstrators confronted district leaders at a school board meeting Wednesday night.

“Rape is a heinous crime and I’m hoping that you are taking this issue much more seriously than what I’ve seen,” said one protester.

In 2012, a Garfield High School student reported a sexual assault on an overnight field trip. At the meeting, some complained about the school’s investigation and the treatment of the alleged victim.

“Both the school and the district seemed to have botched the way they dealt with this case,” said protester Sam Heft-Luthy.

The FBI investigated the incident and the U.S. attorney did not file any charges, according to the school district. As a result of the incident, Seattle Public Schools implemented a critical incident response plan and trained administrators in how to respond to similar issues.

“I deeply, deeply regret whatever lapses have occurred on the part of the district,” said Marty McLaren, school board member.

The school district is now reviewing all requirements of Title IX. Several weeks ago, reports revealed federal investigators were looking into possible violations in connection to the 2012 case.