Pastor held on $750,000 bond facing drug charges

Skagit County investigators describe Steve Parker as a man living two lives. In Arlington, he had a home with his wife and mother-in-law. He was known as a pastor. In Tulalip, he had a girlfriend and a burgeoning drug business.

"Steve Parker bragged about being a good drug dealer, saying he was good at business," a charging document reads.

A source tipped investigators in late-2022 about Parker’s alleged drug dealing spanning Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom counties.

According to investigators, Parker was growing his business. Per court documents he admitted to getting supplies 3-4 times a week.

It’s unclear what evidence led to the arrest – but when Parker was pulled over on January 19th he had 2.7 pounds of meth, more than 2,000 counterfeit pills, fentanyl power, cocaine and a loaded handgun according to investigators

Not everyone knew Parker as a drug-dealer.

He was listed as the director of Omni-Manna Service, a group that connected convicts and addicts to work. A website described it as helping, "those who have troubled pasts, addictions, or just down on their luck. With help of ProviderOne we are able to help find employment and low-cost housing while counseling our clients through the process."

It appears a handful of people ended up living on his property in Arlington. 

A man living at the home answered the door on Monday. He told FOX 13 that he’d be living on the streets, or "the Mack house," if it wasn’t for Pastor Parker. The Mack House is a location that houses sex offenders.

The Washington Associate of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs sex offender search turns up more than a dozen people living on the property with various sex offenses. Court documents indicated that 14 people lived on the property in addition to Parker, his wife and mother-in-law. 

Parker told investigators those people were unaware of his activities.

During a search of both homes investigators found 30 guns.

Parker is facing seven charges including possession charges for fentanyl, methamphetamine and cocaine. Other charges include money laundering and counterfeit controlled substances. He’s currently being held in the Skagit County jail on a $750,000 bond. 

He’s due in court Feb, 2.