Photo shows man killed by Aberdeen police holding gun before shooting

ABERDEEN, Wash. -- The Gray's Harbor County Sheriff's Office has released a new photo showing the man killed in a police shooting holding a gun before he was shot.

Aberdeen Police shot and killed 41-year-old Kristopher Fitzpatrick Monday. Police said officers had been running after Fitzpatrick before a confrontation in a parking lot. Fitzpatrick reportedly yelled that he was not going back to prison, police said, and pulled out a gun that he refused to drop when ordered to do so.

Surveillance video that circulated after the shooting raised questions about the police account of what led to Fitzpatrick's death, but officials said the short video clip did not tell the whole story.

The sheriff's office has since released a screen shot that appears to be from the same surveillance video. It shows Fitzpatrick holding a gun. The sheriff's office circled the gun for emphasis.

Photo courtesy Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office

The Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office is part of the team investigating the shooting. They say the investigation is ongoing.