PHOTOS: Iridescent 'rainbow' clouds spotted over South King, Pierce Counties

Over Kent. Courtesy Garrett Martinez‎

PUYALLUP, Wash --  Several rare iridescent clouds were spotted over South King and Pierce County Tuesday afternoon.


Julie Salazar sent a photo to Q13FOX News showing the rainbow clouds just after 1:30 p.m.

Kelly Corrie sent a different photo.

“I wanted to share this beautiful pic of a rainbow cloud over my house in Puyallup,” wrote Corrie.

Ame Burkett said she spotted the clouds over the transit center in Federal Way.

Meteorologist Q13FOX Parella Lewis said iridescent clouds are caused by tiny ice crystals or water droplets inside of clouds. The refracting of light (just like a rainbow) causes this effect when it hits the water droplets.