Pierce County Executive vetoes safe parking law

Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier shot down a newly passed county law that would provide safe parking for people experiencing homelessness.

Last week, Pierce County Council, in a split decision, approved a new law that would allow people living in their cars to park in what is being called safe areas.

The law would allow organizations and civic groups, like libraries and community centers, the ability to open their parking lots to people experiencing homelessness.

However, on Friday Dammeier vetoed the law stating concerns about the impact on public trust if the county were to take action using interim regulations.

"Interim regulations are emergency tools that should be used very sparingly. I understand the desire to move quickly, but cutting corners erodes the public trust necessary to make long-term, sustainable progress on homelessness," he said.

Under state law, churches have been allowed to provide safe parking for months, and one person using the service at a church in Puyallup tells FOX 13 News.

 "I sleep good at night, because I feel safe. I don’t worry about anything, and you meet some really good people," said Susan Page.

According to the numbers, 2300 people are homeless in Pierce County. 

FOX 13 News reached out to executive Dammeier, but have not heard back.