Pierce County man reunited with stolen dog

PUYALLUP, WA - Saturday, a Pierce County man was reunited with his dog after someone stole it and the car the dog was it.

ML Brock says after working the overnight shift at his job, he found out his car was missing. The jeep had a lot of expensive items in, but Brock says he only cared about one thing.

“It was him; that’s all I cared about. I can replace that; he can’t be replaced,” said Brock.

Inside the vehicle was Brock’s 8-year-old Boxer, Mugly.

Brock says he takes Mugly to work with him every day.

“He has separation anxiety he doesn’t like to be alone,” he said.

Brock says he and his coworkers started searching for the car in the surrounding areas. He says he hoped that the thief would have released the dog and just kept the car.

After working a full overnight shift, Brock searched for his pup all day. However, he says he did not have much hope.

“I didn’t figure I’d see him again, that’s what scared me the most,” said Brock.

Brock says late in the evening, he got a call from police that his car had been found, and that his dog was still inside.

“They dumped him left the windows up,” he said.

Brock says luckily it was a cool day, and Mugly is ok. Brock says the crook got away with a couple hundred dollars’ worth of his goods, but none of that is important.

“It was a happy ending pure luck,” he said.

The crook did get Brock’s wallet (with his ID), and his car registration, but he says he wouldn’t mind if the person who stole his dog from him tried to pay him a house call.

“I just hope I never get my hands on them,” he said.