Pierce County woman is raising money for restaurant industry workers struggling with pandemic losses

One local woman is doing what she can to raise money for restaurant workers impacted by the pandemic.

It started as a gift on Thanksgiving.

“I received a message back right away that said, ‘was this meant for me,’” said Rochelle Chorak.

Chorak says she sent a friend $250, randomly, as a way to thank her for the work she does in the restaurant industry.

Chorak says she knows how difficult it has been for a lot of restaurant workers during the pandemic, especially with the new restrictions.When Chorak got the response message, after confirming the gift was no mistake, she says she knew she had to do more.

“Her reply was, ‘I’m so thankful because I don’t even have enough money in my account to send it back to you,” said Chorak.

Chorak continued donating money to folks in the restaurant business. She said her goal is to give $100 a day all month to restaurant workers who could use some help.

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However, she felt like even this was not enough.

“I needed help, and that’s where this idea launched,” she said.

She created Serve the Server, a movement she hopes other folks will get behind.

The goal is to raise as much money as possible. Then to donate to specific Pierce County restaurant employees who have the most need.

Chorak is asking folks to send their stories to servingtheserver@gmail.com.

Donations are going through Crime Stoppers Tacoma Pierce County. Folks are asked to write ‘serve the server’ in the notes when you make a donation.

For some restaurant workers, this effort will do so much to help folks get back on their feet.

“Just know that there are people in the restaurant industry that need your help we live off of tips and stuff like that that we are struggling and if you would like to reach out and help people like me we are forever and truly blessed and thankful,” said Nae Murphy, a restaurant employee.