Pit bull stops armed robbery after victim's friends turn dog loose on suspect

CHICAGO — A pit bull went after and helped capture a suspected armed robber in Chicago last week, authorities say.

Prosecutors said Marshon Hannah, 18, pulled a gun on a man in a gated property on the 4900 block of South Marshfield Avenue in the Back of the Yards neighborhood last Friday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Hannah displayed a .38-caliber Colt revolver and made the victim turn over his belongings and a set of keys.

Friends of the homeowner said they saw what happened and turned a pit bull loose on Hannah. They said Hannah tried to shoot the dog, pulling the trigger several times, but the gun would not fire.

While unsuccessfully trying to escape the dog and the victim's friends, Hannah tossed the weapon, but responding officers later found it at the scene, prosecutors said.

Hannah is being held for armed robbery after a judge denied him bail. He was dressed in hospital scrubs with a bandage wrapped around his right forearm when he appeared in court Sunday, according to the paper.

The high school senior was also on probation for a juvenile armed robbery conviction.