LA police chase driver slowly imitates somersault out of Mercedes-Benz

An hour-long police chase has finally come to an end – but not before the suspect weaved through Los Angeles County traffic for more than an hour and then imitated a somersault when the cops told him to get out of the car.

Prior to the arrest, SkyFOX was over the scene as the suspect, driving a Mercedes-Benz sedan that the was believed to be carjacked, led the Los Angeles Police Department on a chase Thursday afternoon.

Over the course of the high-speed chase, the suspect was seen flying what resembles a Senegalese or Rasta flag. It is unknown what the motive was for the suspect to make the gesture mid-police chase.

At one point during the chase, it is believed the suspect tossed a gun while driving along the 110 Freeway. A second gun was eventually recovered by LAPD.

The suspect is believed to be connected to a robbery after he was apparently caught with stolen jewelry. It is unknown which robbery case the suspect is associated with.

While there were multiple close calls between the Mercedes-Benz and commuters who had nothing to do with the police chase, no injuries appeared to have happened from the ongoing pursuit.

The suspect rolled out of the car in a less-than-graceful manner before surrendering to police.