Police confiscate three guns from Northshore SD principal believed to be on cocaine

Documents obtained by FOX 13 reveal that police confiscated three guns from one of the two Northshore School District principals placed on leave last month. This follows an April incident that police say involved a gun and drugs. 

Sunrise Elementary Principal Michael Griffin has been on leave since May 9, according to a letter FOX 13 News obtained.

His wife, Moorlands Elementary Principal Meghan Griffin, was placed on leave May 30.

School officials say the reason is connected to an incident that happened on Sunday, April 30.

According to documents FOX 13 News obtained, Michael Griffin had a public mental breakdown outside the QFC on 161st Ave. in Redmond in the middle of the day.

Documents say at the time of the incident, Griffin had a loaded handgun on him, and was arguing with a random woman in the parking lot. Police say they suspected him of being on cocaine, saying his eyes were darting around, his pupils were large and he had white powder on his lips.

According to the documents, police say Griffin made paranoid statements to officers about people spying on him, and comments regarding his wife being sex trafficked.

Documents say the incident happened in front of Griffin’s three children, including his ten-year-old son who Griffin told to run away.

The boy was later found across the street.


Two Northshore SD principals on leave after police reports of drugs, guns

An elementary school principal’s public paranoid episode, which police believe was fueled by drugs, has landed him on administrative leave.

Documents say Griffin gave up his handgun, but refused to let police into his car. He also told police he didn’t have any other guns, the report says.

However, according to the documents, Griffin’s brother said Michael Griffin had an assault rifle and a shotgun inside the car. The brother, who is also a police officer, dropped the other two guns off with police.

Griffin was put into protective custody and taken to the hospital.

According to the documents, Meghan Griffin told police in a written statement her husband’s mental state started declining, and his paranoia worsened when they started using recreational cocaine more frequently.

FOX 13 News went to the home listed belonging to the Griffins.

A man inside the home asked FOX 13 News reporter, AJ Janavel, who he was. When Janavel stated he was there to get a comment regarding the incident, the man inside told him to get off his property.

FOX 13 News also spoke to officials with the Northshore School District.

District officials said they cannot speak on personnel matters, but provided this statement:

"The District became aware of a police report detailing an incident that took place on April 30. While the incident didn’t take place on a district campus or while performing district duties, Northshore placed Principal Michael Griffin on administrative leave in order to conduct an internal investigation. Additional data was added to the original police report, and when the District became aware, Principal Meghan Griffin was also immediately put on leave."

The District will continue investigating these serious matters and take appropriate action. Additionally, this information has been shared with OSPI. Northshore can’t provide any additional information since this is a personnel matter and under investigation. 

Police tell FOX 13 News there is no criminal investigation at this time.