Police investigating two car fires in West Seattle

SEATTLE -- Police are looking for whoever set two cars on fire in a West Seattle neighborhood.

Neighbors awoke to two cars engulfed in 6 foot flames early this morning.

One of the cars owners used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on the cars parked on Sylvan Heights Drive Witnesses say there was a box on fire under the gas tanks

Egan Fowler is the owner of one of the burnt car.

"I'm just shocked. I just sort of thought I'd be the hero, check and see what was going on," Fowler said.

But at 4:45 am in his pajamas Fowler had to jump into action.

"Sure enough my car was on fire and so was the car front of it," Fowler said. "It seems like there was definitely something under the gas tank that had been lit on fire, and the car in front of mine was a box still on fire under the middle of the car."

Egan used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on both cars parked on Sylvan Heights Drive before firefighters arrived.

Neighbors believe the fires were intentionally set.

"It's terrifying. Makes you think especially with the town houses if this a jump to a townhouse what would've happened and how many would've caught on fire," concerned neighbor Gabrielle Haber said. "It's Scary and it makes you think and at night when you hear something outside it's like well what is that I can't park my car in the street anymore it has to be in the garage. Don't want that fear in your neighborhood."

Police are investigating. SPD says they don't know who did this, but say it sure looks suspicious.

There was a car fire on 30th and Graham last week, but Seattle Police doesn't believe these cases are connected