Police: Man takes drug cocktail, smashes cars and runs naked through Seattle neighborhood

SEATTLE -- A man took a cocktail of drugs, removed his pants and started throwing rocks at cars Tuesday night in Eastlake, according to Seattle police.

Officers told Q13 FOX News they received a report of a man wearing nothing but a shirt around 7:30 p.m. The caller told police the suspect was denting and smashing cars near Lakeview Boulevard and Belmont Avenue East.

Police caught up with the suspect near Boylston Avenue East. Officers noted that he had apparently pulled out patches of his own hair.

Police asked him who he was, but they said he gave them a fake name and took off running.

Officers said they chased the suspect who, at one point, picked up a large rock and turned toward them. They asked him to drop the rock and he did -- before taking off the rest of his clothes and fleeing.

Police later found the suspect in a planting strip on the 2000 block of Minor Ave East and arrested him. That is about half-a-mile from where they first talked with the suspect.

The man told police he had taken cocaine, meth, LSD and other drugs earlier that evening. He then began scratching all over his body.

Officers called paramedics who took the man to Harborview Medical Center.

Seattle police were not able to identify him -- he refused to provide his real name or address.