Police: Meth-addled father dangles 6-month-old child from 2nd-story window

Police helped rescue a baby from his allegedly intoxicated father Saturday.

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- A terrifying scene occurred Monday in Bremerton where cops say a father, likely high on meth, was dangling his 6-month-old baby through a broken second-story window.

It happened early Saturday morning at the Admiral Manor Apartments on Bloomington Avenue.

Neighbors said they woke up to hear screaming and yelling. Investigators believe the responding officers may have saved the baby’s life.

The child’s father, Adam David Patten, 43,  appeared in court Monday afternoon. The prosecutor’s office confirms that Patten has been charged with criminal mistreatment, a felony, and drug possession.

Cops said Patten was dangling the 6-month-old through the broken window with shattered glass still clinging to the frame and scattered on the staircase below.

Investigators said while one officer kept Patten busy, two others burst through his barricaded front door.

“Officers actually kicked in the panels in the middle of the door and crawled through the panels to make entry into the apartment,” said Sgt. Kevin Crane with the Bremerton Police Department.

Patton’s bail was set at $1 million.

Prosecutors said he has several other felony convictions in his past.

Meanwhile, his child is OK and in the mother’s custody. The baby’s mom was also inside the apartment during the altercation.

The window from which the baby was dangled.