Police overworked? Volunteers step in

MARYSVILLE -- The police department doesn't have the staff to be everywhere at the same time so volunteers are pitching in to help keep people safe at homes, parks and schools.

The Marysville Volunteer Patrol began several years ago when people decided to help the police department out.

Volunteers check schools before and after class, the patrol parks throughout the town and perform house visits while homeowners are away on vacation.

The volunteers are not confrontational at all. If they see a situation where officers are needed they call for help. Police admit without the volunteers they would be drowning in work.

Lt. Larry Buell with the Marysville Police Dept. said, "It would be very taxing and we would need a lot more bodies to do the neighborhood watch programs and the business watch program, and the house checks. We just wouldn’t be able to do it. I think there was a time 20-30 years ago that we could have done a little bit of that but it’s gotten so busy."

Volunteers say they enjoy pitching in and are looking for others to help them. If you would like to volunteer or want help from the volunteer patrol call 360-363-8328.