Police seek cop-impersonator who tried to kidnap woman

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The Vancouver Police Department is searching for a man who impersonated an officer, pulled over a man and woman in a car and handcuffed the woman before the two were able to escape.

KPTV reports officers responded to a call Sunday night just before midnight to the area near Maxon Road and Southeast 19th Street.

A woman had set up an in-person meeting with a man she met through social media, and the pair were in the man's car when another vehicle came up behind them with flashing lights.

The man stopped the car thinking the lights were police, and an unidentified man wearing what appeared like a police uniform came up to their car, pulled the woman out, handcuffed her and placed her in the second vehicle.

Once inside that car, the woman realized the "police officer" was an imposter and fled from the vehicle, as did the man who was with her. Neither suffered any injuries.

Chad Wolf lives in the area and said he opened the door when police came to investigate what happened.

"It was surreal. At first I thought it was a dream," said Wolf.

Wolf said a lot happens in the neighborhood.

"Generally a safe area, usually the worst you get is people doing heroin on the road, broken needles, cops going down ," said Wolf.

Due to suspicious activity, Chad's father, Larry Wolf said he's added security cameras around the house and a metal door to protect his home.

The man impersonating an officer also ran from the area. Investigators describe him as a white man in his 30s, 5 feet 8 inches tall with a medium build and no facial hair.

Vancouver police are asking anyone with information on this incident to please call the department tip line at 360-487-7399.