Police: Suspect tries to start UPS delivery truck by shaking steering wheel

SEATTLE -- A UPS delivery truck driver stopped off at a business and returned to her truck Tuesday to find an apparently intoxicated man in the driver's seat and shaking the steering wheel as if trying to steal the vehicle, police said.

She had the keys on her.

When the driver tried to escort the man out of the truck, the suspect took several swings at her, striking her in the forearm, police said. The man then allegedly threatened to shoot her, and the driver saw a gun inside one of the three bags the suspect was carrying, police said.

Police arrived and found the gun in the 32-year-old suspect's backpack and took him into custody. Police said they found a second gun in one of his bags. He was booked into the King County Jail for robbery, assault and harassment.

The incident occurred in the 12000 block of Aurora Avenue North, just before 11 a.m.