Police: Thieves caught on surveillance stealing luggage at Sea-Tac Airport

SEATTLE-TACOMA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Wash. – At least nine different people have been recently spotted on surveillance video stealing luggage at Sea-Tac Airport, the Port of Seattle Police Department said Wednesday.

Luggage theft at Sea-Tac is down from this time last year, and police want to keep it that way. That's why they want passengers to be aware of a possible theft ring that has been taking bags.

Police say in all of the cases, the thieves dressed like they just got off a plane, including one couple spotted wearing comfortable clothes, even carrying what looks like their own backpacks, when they steal a bag.

One group of three appear to stand in a row, each swiping a bag before they leave.

“They are here all hours of the day and sometimes when we get an individual that has done this multiple times, they will get a certain pattern but we’ll do focus-policing and focus-patrols,” said Port of Seattle police detective Darin Beam.

Here are some suggestions to better protect yourselves from luggage thieves:

-- Get to the baggage claim before your bag does;

-- Put a marker on your bag to make it stand out;

-- Don’t put valuables in checked bags;

-- Be aware of your surroundings.

Police say the thieves have gotten more sophisticated and are adapting to police tactics, but they say luggage theft is a crime of opportunity that passengers can take measures against.