Police to have heavy presence for NYE celebration

SEATTLE -- Police won't say much about their plans for security for the New Year's Eve celebration but party goers can expect to see several uniformed officers monitoring the Seattle Center grounds.

Organizers of this year's festivities say a lot of planning goes into the annual event.

Seattle Center Spokesperson, Deborah Daoust, said, "This is definitely a family activity. We always do large events at Seattle Center and we always work very closely with Seattle Police and fire on security and safety plans."

Officers established a mobile command unit just feet from the space needle. Dozens of uniformed officers will patrol the area around the Space Needle and several others will monitor events in the downtown corridor.

Police say they also need people to be an extra set of eyes and ears at major events like these.

Daoust said, "Safety and security is up to everybody. So police will tell you, and I will tell you, that if you see something, say something. Find one of those police officers and let them know what you see."