Police to investigate renegade skateboard park built on protected Seattle island

SEATTLE -- Police will investigate a renegade skateboard park built on important bird habitat in the middle of one of Seattle's most popular parks.

City officials learned about a small concrete structure on a Green Lake island Tuesday after a concerned resident called the parks department, Seattle Parks and Recreation spokesperson Rachel Schulkin said.

The island -- called Duck Island -- is important bird habitat. It's off limits to boaters and foot traffic.

"People aren't allowed on Duck Island," Schulkin said. "It's a long-standing rule."

On Wednesday, investigating parks department workers found a "small swimming pool-like" skateboard park, Shulkin said. They also found unused rebar, concrete bags, evidence of fires and cut trees.

Schulkin said she's not sure how long the skate park has been on the island, but she knows it's not good for bird habitat.

"There's clearly damage to vegetation," Schulkin said.

Seattle Parks and Recreation filed a police report, and police are expected to investigate to determine what -- if any -- crimes were committed.

The skateboard park appears to be part of a Nike-sponsored contest that encouraged skateboarders to build their own parks. The Seattle design was among three winners in the contest.

Skateboarders voted on their favorite park designs via social media.

"Every shop involved killed it and did a rad thing for their community by building these spots," a release on Transworld.Net reads.

Video of skateboarders building the renegade park was also posted on a  popular skateboard magazine's website.

Nike did not immediately return a request for comment.