Popular parks, nearly 170 miles of sidewalk in Seattle could be options for homeless camps

SEATTLE -- Under a new camping ordinance under consideration, numerous parks and miles of sidewalks could be options for homeless camps.

“It is rather outrageous,” Seattle resident Garry Golightly said.

Q13 News obtained two maps -- one drawn up by Seattle Parks and Recreation, the other by SDOT that shows where homeless encampments could go.

Click here for Seattle Parks and Recreation map

Click here for SDOT map 

City leaders requested the maps after the camping ordinance was proposed to evaluate possible options.

Nearly 170 miles of sidewalks and many popular parks could be up for consideration under the new ordinance supported by some City Council members. Council member Tim Burgess is not one of them.

“This ordinance goes way too far and most importantly it doesn`t solve homelessness for anyone,” Burgess said.

One of the maps highlights parks like Magnuson, Seward, Lincoln Park and even Green Lake as possible options for homeless encampments.

Tents could also be allowed to concentrate in certain locations like Sodo and Ballard.

“They need to be somewhere other than I-5 or the Jungle,” Hugo Alamillo said.

Alamillo, a father of two, says the homeless shouldn’t be allowed to set up tents anywhere they want but he does want the city to find designated areas. Visiting Carkeek Park on Friday he says the park would not be bad spot to consider.

“It wouldn`t push me away,” Alamillo said.

Alamillo says the problem is too big to ignore and as of Friday city leaders discussing the homeless budget in a hearing still didn’t have a clear plan.

“What I see is a woefully inadequate funding for these outreach teams right now,” council member Sally Bagshaw said.

Golightly says he supports more outreach, shelters and mental health services.

But he’s hoping city council will back off on the camping ordinance.

“They are attracting more and more people here and not offering the services that a city should be offering,” Golightly said.

The camping ordinance is under amendment and the issue will be up for discussion October 14 during a public meeting.

Mayor Murray is against the camping ordinance and he has said in the past that he will veto anything that would allow homeless camps in parks.