Potato the celebrity kitten with dwarfism stops by Q13 News

SEATTLE -- Social media is a sucker for cute cat videos -- and a Seattle Humane kitten named Potato has stolen the hearts of all of us.

Potato is a kitten with a rare genetic mutation that's similar to dwarfism.

"This furball is less of a full-grown spud and more of a teensy tater tot," Seattle Humane joked on its Facebook page.

When his foster mom got video of Potato kicking his short little legs around, it quickly reached viral status on social media.

Potato went viral so fast, he was flown to Hollywood last week for an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

If you were hoping to adopt Potato, you're out of luck. Seattle Humane has been inundated with calls from all over the country. Someone from Tennessee was about to travel to Seattle to adopt him without even filling out the required paperwork.

Potato will be adopted by someone who's going to also adopt Potato's sibling.

But don't be too upset if you had your heart set on Potato. Seattle Humane has lots of cute kitties for you to call your own. See all of them here.