President Trump thanks Marysville officer who picked up fallen American flag on July 4th

MARYSVILLE, Wash. — A Marysville officer's simple gesture on the Fourth of July has gain not only national attention but also the attention of the President of the United States.

Last week, a Marysville police officer was spotted on home surveillance camera helping replace an American flag that was dragging on the ground.

In the video, a patrol officer is seen stopping his car and walking up to a flag attached to a home. The flag’s attachment had broke, so the flag was partially dragging on the ground.

The United States Flag Code dictates that the flag should never touch anything beneath it.

In the video, the officer tries to place the flag back in its holder. But when that's not successful, he decides to roll the flag up and place it against the home rather than have it drag on the ground.

After watching his surveillance camera, homeowner Ben Rieman shared the video to a community Facebook page. He said the officer deserved recognition for his good deed.

Thousands of people on the Snohomish County Crime and Community Facebook group agreed with Rieman.

And now so does the president.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump posted video of the gesture on his official Instagram account writing: "Beautiful — thank you to our GREAT law enforcement officers, for all you do, 24/7/365!"

The Marysville Police Department responded to Trump's post on Twitter writing: "NBD just Officer Negron getting recognized for his act of kindness & patriotism by the President of the United States."