Price for Samsung's new 110-inch 4K TV: $152,000

(Samsung Electronics) By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times

Hey, big spender, here's something to add to next year's Christmas list: Samsung's new 110-inch 4K television, which the electronics giant has just priced at a whopping $152,000.

The ultra-high-definition television, which has four times the resolution of standard high-def TVs, is available in South Korea, China and the Middle East, according to the Associated Press.

As larger TVs become more popular, television manufacturers have been racing to create sets that are not only bigger but sharper as well. That's because picture quality tends to decrease as screen size grows, forcing viewers to move farther away in order to get an ideal view.

Although ultra-HD boasts superior picture quality, the TVs suffer from a lack of content and extremely high prices.

Nonetheless, ultra-HD TVs and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs have been receiving a lot of buzz in recent years and have been heralded as the future of television.

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