Prosecutor apologizes for wife's Muslim comments

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell is a apologizing for the angst caused by his wife's online comments about Muslims.

Haskell tells KHQ his wife's comments do not reflect his views or the views of his office.

On a Facebook page called "Chicks On The Right," Lesley Haskell posted a comment in January, writing "I do not trust Muzlims no matter what."

Her comments were in response to an article written about the mayor of a Dutch town who is Muslim who made references to other Muslims earlier this year.

Lesley Haskell continued:

"I don't care what he said. How do we know this was correctly translated."

One of those disturbed by the comments is a Muslim assistant U.S attorney in Spokane, Aine Ahmed. He called the comments "dangerous."

Haskell says he understands the concerns and won't allow his office to treat anybody any differently than anybody else. He says he doesn't speak for his wife or police her online activity.

"Any of us that have spouses know we disagree on a lot of things," Haskell told KHQ. "We don't frequently vote for the same candidates, we don't vote for the same issues."