Protect your car from vandals on Halloween

A study by the Highway Loss Data Institute shows cars are twice as likely to be vandalized on Halloween than any other night of the year.

The institute looked at data from 28 national insurance companies over a period of four years.

PEMCO Insurance said there were more than 1,200 Halloween vandalism claims per year and the average cost topped at $1,500.

The claims ranged from smashed windshields to slashed tires.

PEMCO has a few recommendations on what you can do to protect your car:

    "If you're going out to a Halloween party or you are going trick or treating in a different neighborhood consider using ride share or public transportation," said Derek Wing, the Communications Manager at PEMCO Insurance. "Just because you don't want your car parked in an unfamiliar neighborhood and potentially dangerous spot."

    If your car gets vandalized on Halloween night or any other night, it can be covered if your policy has "comprehensive coverage."

    It pays for damage caused by something other than a collision. You will need to pay your deductible first, so depending on how extensive the damage is, you may or may not decide it's worth it to file a claim.

    "What we recommend is if something should happen to your car on Halloween night, make sure you call the police," said Wing. "Make sure you file a report and then also take pictures both for your insurance company and just for evidence purposes."

    By the way, the next highest day for vandalism according to the study, was the 4th of July.