Q13 FOX Cares: 'Food for All' holiday food drive collects truckloads of donations for hungry local families

SEATTLE -- The annual Q13 FOX Cares Food for All holiday food drive officially wrapped up on Friday. It included a big delivery that will help thousands of families this holiday season!

Three weeks of grabbing an extra canned good at the grocery story and dropping off your donations at Les Schwab Tire Center locations across western Washington has all led up to this.

Since November 1st, Q13 FOX viewers like you have been answering the call to help others and the result is astounding.

"There are 700,000 people in western Washington who need a little help to put food on the table and this is a great way that our community can step forward for the healthy donations," said Linda Nageotte, president of Food Lifeline.

The big delivery to the Food Lifeline distribution center is a lot of work, but the volunteers from Les Schwab treat like a celebration!

"Anytime we can get involved that's what we need to do," said Brett Clark of Les Schwab. "And that's what we've done here is took the collaboration of all of our stores and the generosity and kindness of our customers and brought them together to bring food to families who need it the most at a time when it means the most."

The Food for All holiday food drive is a tradition that in the last seven years has raised enough in food and funds to provide well over 5 million meals across western Washington.

A buck can buy five meals for hungry families in western Washington and your dollars add up! So does all of this food -- truckloads full now one step closer to landing on the Thanksgiving day table!

Sometimes it’s the smallest donations that makes all the difference in the world.

"This week at food lifeline we received an amazing donation of five dollars. With that five dollar donation and the note was from a woman that I was homeless and I actually go to the garbage get the money," said Nageotte. "This year I would help food on their table."

As bag after bag of food is brought in to food lifeline today, it's a visual reminder of just how a little bit of kindness from the community can help so many.

From all of us at Les Schwab, Food Lifeline and Q13 FOX, we want to give you the biggest thank you for all of your donations and we want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!