Rare white moose filmed in Sweden

VARMLAND, Sweden -- A rare white moose captured on film in Sweden has people around the world mesmerized.

According to the BBC, there are only about 100 of the white moose in the country.

"The moose aren't albino, but grow white fur from a genetic mutation," the BBC reported.

Albino animals are pure white with pink or red eyes.

People on Twitter said it looked like a creature out of a mythical tale like "Game of Thrones" or "Lord of the Rings."

"The Night King spotted on his way to Vasteras in central Sweden. Winter is here," Sebastian Larsson wrote.

"It's the deer god from Princess Mononoke," another person commented.

It's not known whether the twin white calves are albino or piebald moose, which are white with a few small brown specks.