Redmond pool lifeguard arrested for alleged voyeurism

REDMOND, Wash. – Parents and their kids who go to Redmond’s Hartman Pool are uneasy after hearing a lifeguard has been arrested for voyeurism.

Redmond Police say the 25-year old lifeguard used a cell phone taped to a wall in a female staff locker room. Redmond Police say he has been arrested, suspended from his job and prohibited from returning to the property as detectives continue to investigate.

Parents like Julie Swartz were a little uneasy heading to Redmond’s Hartman Pool after hearing the news.

“Hopefully, it’s an isolated incident,” said Swartz, who has two young daughters who go to the pool weekly for swimming classes. “It’s really disappointing if anything that we have that in our community.”

The lifeguard was arrested early Wednesday morning, minutes after police said a swim coach reported finding a phone taped to the wall.

“At the time the Woodinville High School swim team were the only users in the facility,” said Bothell Police Public Information Officer Becky Range. "The female coach called 911 immediately."

Redmond Police say they are investigating to see what kind of images are on the phone and if there are any victims.

“We don’t know if pictures or video were taken at all but we are currently pursuing warrants to search the phone and we’re working that as quickly as possible because we know that parents are concerned,” said Range.

In the meantime, those who love the pool said they won’t stop coming to the pool, but they’re going to be taking extra precautions.

“I’ll be checking the locker room any time we go in there and make sure there’s anything taped to the walls or anyone looking suspicious,” Swartz said.

Bothell Police said the suspect has since been released for jail as investigators continue trying to serve search warrants to examine the contents of the phone.