Rent hikes, strict rules: Puyallup mobile home community feels taken advantage of

Astronomical rate hikes, some as much as 50 percent, have Puyallup mobile homeowners outraged. After feeling ignored by property owners, frustrated neighbors hope to take their case to the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.

Sandra Majors is moved to tears just thinking about what’s at stake here at the Cottonwood Mobile Home Park.

"We're not just a trailer park. We're not just a community. We're friends," said Majors. "Where are they going to go? Where am I going to go?"

Majors shared she’s a grandma, currently working at a daycare. Money is tight.

"I’m scared that I’m going to end up living in my car. I won’t rely on my children to take care of me because that’s not their job," said Majors. "I have a feeling if this doesn’t get resolved, they’re going to have to pay their rent before they feed their kids. Is that right?"


‘I won't be here. I'll leave’; Puyallup mobile homeowners up in arms over steep rent hikes

Puyallup mobile homeowners are faced with a difficult choice after property owners jacked up rent over 50%.

Pierce County Property records show that this past summer, Hurst & Son LLC spent $7 million dollars on acquiring this property.

FOX 13 contacted Hurst & Son for an updated response to the problem. A spokesperson referred to a press release sent weeks ago. The statement reads in part:

"While our aim is to preserve mobile home parks, Hurst and Son is not a low-income housing provider. At the same time, we want our communities to be mixed income, and we don’t want improvements to displace anyone."

"Many mobile home parks are at a crossroads, but that doesn’t have to be the future. If we looked at this as a private-public partnership, the state could allocate income assistance for those who are low-income while the private sector makes the required infrastructure improvements to sustain the communities as an attainable housing option."

Cost is not the only complaint. Neighbor, Natalie Lender, copied some rental contracts to point out rules she believes are ridiculous.

"We’re not supposed to walk around after night. Kids are not supposed to be playing in the street," said Lender. "Some of these things seem a little extreme."


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