Renton hookah lounge shooting suspects on the loose

RENTON, Wash. -- Police are searching for two suspects after a fight and shooting overnight at a hookah lounge in Renton.

Officers were called shortly after 2 a.m. to Nomads Hookah Lounge near the intersection of E Valley Rd and SW 41st St.

According to Renton police, one person was injured and taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Authorities say the incident happened in three stages. Initially there was an argument inside of the hookah lounge. That argument spilled over into the Collision Repair Center, and that's when the first round of gunfire started. The group then ran back to the shopping center where the hookah lounge is located. Shots were then fired outside and inside the crowded lounge.

Two witnesses who were in the bathroom at the time told Q13 News it sounded like a gun range, and they thought they were going to die.

Another witness said he just hit the floor while other people ran for the doors.

Renton police Commander Jeff Eddy said investigators were not getting much information from people inside the lounge.

There is surveillance video that police will be reviewing to get a better description of the suspects who were only described as two black males.

Investigators said they also planned on bringing in a drone to take aerial footage since the scene is spread out over about 100 yards with shots fired in three places.