Reopen ice caves? Forest Service will get public's input

VERLOT, Wash. (AP) — The U.S. Forest Service says it will get input from scientists and the public before reopening the Big Four Ice Caves after a California woman was killed when the cave partially collapsed.

Spokeswoman Aleta Eng tells the Seattle Times the federal agency will talk with community members and scientists before deciding how to proceed. The agency says there's no set date for the caves to be reopened or for those meetings.

The trail to the hiking destination has been closed since July 6 when rock and ice fell, killing 34-year-old Annalisa Santana and injuring five others. Santana's brother, David Santana, is in critical condition in a Seattle hospital. Her fiancé, Dustin Wilson, is in satisfactory condition.

Thousands of people take the 1-mile hike to view the snow and ice formation about 70 miles northeast of Seattle.