Report: Bellingham man annoyed by barking dog shoots neighbor's corgi in front of horrified owner

BELLINGHAM -- A man annoyed by a barking dog shot his neighbor's corgi at nearly point-blank range in front of the owner, The Bellingham Herald reported Monday.

Moreover, the corgi he killed hadn't even been the dog barking, the Herald said.

The incident took place on Bellingham's Undine Street during the weekend. Read the entire Bellingham Herald story here.

Police said a dog apparently had been barking for hours Saturday night before David William Latham, 55, allegedly grabbed a rifle and walked across the street to his neighbors' backyard, where Loyce Andrews' two corgies -- Molly and Kirby -- were enjoying the night outside in the fenced yard.

The dogs ran to the fence, police said, when Latham approached. He allegedly fired one round into 13-month-old Molly's chest, turned around and slowly walked back to his home.

Loyce's husband, Cary Chunyk, ran after him and shouted, 'You just shot my dog!" But when Latham turned and allegedly threatened him with the rifle, Chunyk didn't pursue his neighbor.

Police Lt. Bob Vander Yacht said Latham admitted he shot the dog when they arrested him that night.

According to the Herald, Andrews said that Latham had killed a dog that hadn't even been barking, he allegedly said, "Oh my God, I shot the wrong dog -- as if there's a right dog."

The newspaper said Latham faces charges of felony animal cruelty and misdemeanors of reckless endangerment, aiming or discharging a firearm within Bellingham city limits, and illegal carrying, drawing or exhibiting of a weapon.