Report: Burglary suspect sexually assaulted 101-year-old woman after finding nothing to steal

MILWAUKEE -- Police say DNA at a crime scene led to the identification and arrested of a 24-year-old suspect wanted for the sexual assault of a 101-year-old woman, FOX 6 Now reports.

According to FOX 6, Antoine Pettis of Milwaukee was charged Tuesday after confessing to the assault of a 101-year-old Milwaukee woman. He is charged with burglary, aggravated battery and second-degree sexual assault.

Pettis allegedly admitted to entering the elder woman's home on Sept. 1, FOX 6 reports, with the intention of burglarizing it. When he found nothing he wanted to steal, Pettis allegedly sexually assaulted the victim and fled the scene.

DNA at the scene was linked backed to Pettis. If convicted he could face more than 58 years in prison.

Earlier in 2014, Milwaukee Police became the first in the state to use familial DNA to identify a serial rapist, Michael Dixon, who is awaiting trial.