Report: NFL to ban players convicted of domestic violence, sexual assault from scouting combine

The  National Football League will no longer allow players with certain convictions, including domestic violence, sexual assault or weapons offenses, to attend the annual scouting combine.

According to a report from USA Today, NFL teams were sent a memo from the league's executive vice president of football operations last month regarding the change.

The reports indicates the league will conduct background checks on invited prospects and anyone with a felony or misdemeanor conviction for any of the offenses listed above will be barred from "any league-related event."

Players who refuse a background check will also reportedly be uninvited.

"It is important for us to remain strongly committed to league values as we demonstrate to our fans, future players, coaches, general managers, and others who support our game that character matters," the memo stated.

The combine takes place every year in Indianapolis. This year it runs Feb. 23-29. It's a time for prospects to take part in drills for NFL scouts.

FOX Sports reports if this rule had been in place last year, No. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston still would have been allowed to take part in the combine and draft. He was accused of sexual assault in civil court, but was never found guilty of a crime.