Woman says her partner shot neighbor in self-defense after altercation in U-District

A man is dead following a shooting at an apartment complex in the University District on Monday evening. 

It happened at around 5 p.m.  Police aren't releasing many details at this time, but residents say there was an altercation between two male neighbors prior to the shooting.  

A woman who didn't want to be identified, told FOX 13 that the man who was shot was a neighbor who had threatened and charged at her partner, forcing him to defend himself. 

Neighbors say it's shocking this happened in a place they consider safe. 

"This place is usually a safe place and happening here is pretty messed up," said Dr. Karthika Devi, UW. 

She lives across the street from where the man was killed.

"Everyone’s like happy holidays, and now it’s sad. It’s sad to have it happen on Christmas," said Devi. 

Police say shortly before 5 pm, a call came in that the man had been shot.  Police say he was found dead in the lobby of one of the upper floors.  Neighbors tell FOX 13 he was found in an area near the elevators.  

Police say they were able to identify a suspect rather quickly.  

"The suspect is currently in custody," said Officer Shawn Weismiller, Seattle Police. "The circumstances are currently under investigation."

Officer Weismiller says detectives are working to piece together the relationship between the suspect and the victim. 

The resident FOX 13 talked to anonymously, told FOX 13 that the man who was shot and killed was a neighbor who had been harassing her family, including her kids, just 4 and 9 years old. 

Around the time the harassment began, there was a fire at her front door and strange, threatening writing appeared on the walls near her apartment. 

On Christmas afternoon, she said her partner went to check the mail, and there was an altercation.  She says the man hit and charged at her partner, and he defended himself.  

Meantime, the police aren't confirming that detailed information.  They are only saying that they are investigating the relationship. 

"We don’t know the relationship between the suspect and the victim. Detectives are interviewing the suspect at this time," said Officer Weismiller. 

The woman who felt threatened by the neighbor said that she had reported the incidents to apartment managers and law enforcement in the past.  She said she was also in the process of trying to find somewhere else to move to.