Residents in Snohomish County prepare for possible flooding -- again

SNOHOMISH COUNTY -- As heavy rains pound the Puget Sound region, dozens of folks living in flood plains prepare for the potential of floods.

Sarah Ritchey had several inches of water spill into her garage last month when the Stillaguamish River ran beyond its banks.

The mother of eight children had to throw away or wash several loads of clothes and blankets.

"They were a mess. They were a mess and made me a hysterical mess because I didn’t want to lose them," Ritchey said.

John Cermak is also a little worried about the expected rainfall. He keeps his classic cars in the garage and raised on jacks so they remain high and dry.

"It takes the driveway away," Cermak said. "It does damage to the garage doors. Ruins the deck. Takes all my wife's plants and puts them in the neighbors."

The Stillaguamish isn't the only river that could swell this week. Experts predict potential flooding for the Snohomish, Snoqualmie and Skagit rivers by Wednesday.