Rock climber jumps off mountain in wingsuit with dog strapped to his back (VIDEO)

EIGER MOUNTAIN, Switzerland – Famous rock climber Dean Potter has posted a video of himself jumping off a mountain with his dog strapped to his back.

The title of the video on YouTube is ‘World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog.’

The dog named Whisper can be seen taken out to a rock outcropping by a pulley system, loaded into a pack and armed with protective goggles before Potter and dog leap from the mountain.

The footage then cuts to a GoPro view of Whisper as the duo freefall.

The pair land and then Whisper jumps around happily on the ground.

While many comments on the video are positive and enthusiastic, some claim it is animal abuse.

“That dog is clearly terrified the entire time and is jumping and crying at the end because it literally thought it was going to die. A dog cannot understanding that what they are doing is recreational.

This is not okay.,” posted a commenter who identifies themselves as Jordyn Fisher.

Another commenter, Ken Yablonsky, wrote that he would never put his own dog in harms way like this.

“What if the dog freaked out and struggled its way out? Just not cool at all.”

Still a majority of comments have been supportive and positive.

“Outstanding.  Any dog lover will get that,” wrote Jason Whiddon.

While thrilling, BASE jumping is not without very real risk.  In March, one of Potter's own friends Sean Leary was killed after hitting a rock outcropping during a jump in Utah's Zion National Park.