Russell Wilson says he'd 'definitely consider' playing baseball if traded to Mariners

LOS ANGELES -- Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson went on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Thursday night. Kimmel asked Wilson about his contract negotiations with the Hawks and if he'd still like to play professional baseball.

Kimmel offered to help Wilson negotiate his contract, "We could probably hash this out right now!"

When asked if he wanted to be the highest paid athlete in the NFL, Wilson said he "wants to paid based off his play."

Wilson, who is technically under contract with the Texas Rangers baseball team as well, said he would love to play both sports.

"I've always wanted to play both sports. It's a kid's dream," Wilson told Kimmel. "Yeah, it'd be tough to play, but there's always a way."

He even said he'd "definitely consider" it if he were to get an offer from the Mariners.

But we're not too worried about that happening, 12s. At least not right now.