Russell Wilson sports Ricardo Lockette shirt in support of injured Seahawk

SEATTLE -- Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson normally sports a suit and tie after a game, but his attire Sunday night is bringing awareness to the recovery of teammate Ricardo Lockette.

Lockette suffered a season-ending neck injury in the Seahawks Week 8 match-up against the Dallas Cowboys. As he was carted off the field, Lockette raised his hand and made an "L" with his thumb and index finger, a gesture that stands for "LOB" or "Love Our Brothers".

The image of that moment has now been printed on a pair of shirts, one of which Wilson wore after Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Lockette has the other one.

"He's a great, great friend, he's a great teammate, he lays it on the line every single play," said Wilson.

Lockette helped in the raising of the 12 flag on Sunday. As he stood high above the field, his teammates below saluted him with the same "L" signal he's now made famous.

"When Ricardo was pulling up the flag, just everyone kind of stepping up and stepping out and putting the 'L' up for him and just for the love that we have for him, that's full support," Wilson said.

Wilson says he hopes to create more of the shirts in an effort to support Lockette's recovery.

"I think that sometimes people forget and sometimes we forget as players, that the game is not as big as life and what's going to come for the rest of our lives... at any moment it can all be taken away," Wilson said.

Lockette underwent surgery in Dallas after the Nov. 1 game against the Cowboys. He's now in a neck brace and is hoping to someday return to the field.

"We're praying he has a speedy recovery and we're praying for his family and, hopefully, all the 12s can support too as well," said Wilson.