School district warns parents after possible attempted luring in Marysville

MARYSVILLE -- Police say a driver pulled up alongside two boys at the intersection of 149th Place NE and 45th Avenue NE and started asking them questions; the boys ran home to tell their parents, who then called police.

Detectives describe the suspect as a white man in his 30s, driving a white SUV or station wagon. Police are still trying to figure out exactly what was said to the boys but the Marysville School District is taking the incident seriously.

The district sent a note to all parents informing them about what happened. Educators will teach kids about "stranger danger" and encourage parents to do the same.

Stephanie Maluny was shocked to hear the news.

Maluny said, "It’s two doors down from the house. It’s really not that far away. Just knowing in a split second that could have been my son or something bad could have happened."

Police say as the weather gets better, more children will rush out to play and predators could be waiting.

Commander Robb Lamoureux said, "The more conversations you have with them about the dangers, about these situations, the more conditioned they get to respond appropriately to them so those are conversations we want parents to have regularly."

Maluny said she has already started the conversation with her young son.

"He’s in first grade so we’re just kind of diving into the ins and outs of you don’t have to be polite to everybody, you don’t have to talk to everybody. Not everybody is your friend," she said.