School officials, Auburn Police question report suggesting Green River College is No. 1 in nation in robberies

AUBURN, Wash. -- A new report published by a software company suggests robberies at Green River College are the highest of any college in the nation. But the school and Auburn police are questioning the report's numbers.

Green River College officials said they reported only nine robberies to the U.S. Department of Education in 2014, not the 27 robberies that were listed in the report.

The software company called Graphic published the report this week. Its data suggests Green River College reported more robberies per 10,000 students than any other school, including campuses in Baltimore, New Jersey and Puerto Rico.

Green River administrators say they are required to report all crimes in and around campus to the U.S. Department of Education, and in 2014 the school reported only nine robberies -- not 27.

They said they take security seriously and they have security officers patrolling the campus 24/7.

We reached out to the software company to ask how they gathered their data, but we haven't heard back yet.